Hitting the Ground Running


Well, I finally have my own blog site. If that isn’t enough, I am also on Twitter (you can follow me at @RevMarc).  I have exactly zero people following me so far, but that’s okay. No one really knows about the blog yet either, but I figure if I don’t get started now I never will.

This past Saturday Lea Ann and I had a date-day, sort of. The kids had spent the night at my parents’ house, so we had a big portion of Saturday all to ourselves. So did we do something romantic? Of course.

We went to the dragstrip.

In the words of Magnum P.I., I know what you’re thinking. “Why did you take your sweet, loving wife to the dragstrip? Why not the park, or a sappy movie, or shopping or something?

The answer is quite simple: she wanted to. Okay, maybe it wasn’t her very first choice, but it was a great way to spend the day sitting close to one another and just enjoying a few hours of being together. She will tell you that she has come to enjoy watching cars runs at the strip almost as much as I do.

It was the first day of running at the newly refurbished Greer Dragway. The trakc itself looks first class, and there were more than a few people who wanted to run on the fresh track. There were some fairly mild street cars (including a couple of work trucks with toolboxes in the bed) to some serious ground-pounders (4.7 seconds at 150 mph in the 1/8th mile).

I was reading online this morning about an aquaintance of mine who ran his car this past Saturday. He talked about how a number of cars broke axles, rear ends, clutches, and the like, because the new track was prepped well for traction and was very sticky. He was glad his didn’t, of course, but part of frequent racing is realizing that it is going to be hard on the car as far as wear and tear goes. However, running a race car hard is what it’s all about. If you aren’t going to run it all-out, why bother?

The same is absolutely true in the Christian life. If you and I surrender our lives to Christ and receive His forgiveness, but don’t run like we want to win, what’s the point?

So how about you? How are you running your race?


2 comments on “Hitting the Ground Running”

  1. Wide open, not just skimming the surface.
    Got to be willing to break some axles and strip some gears, but all out is the way to go.

  2. Dude this blog is awesome…..I sometimes wonder how you find time to fit all of your life into…..well one life. It is amazing to me. If this is any prelude to the way you wrote your book I am excited to read it. At any rate, HOLLA!

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