Experts Aren’t Born…

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We spent the day at the Greer Dragway today. Gorgeous weather, great time together as a family. The funny thing about racing? It looks really easy until you try it yourself.

Back in November, my wife Lea Ann gave me an early birthday/Christmas/anniversary/everything else present: a day of high-speed driving at Road Atlanta, one of the world’s premier race tracks. The idea of driving at ridiculous speeds without the threat of speeding tickets or jail time sounds great. Until you’re sitting there, in your own car, with a helmet that feels like it’s squeezing your eyeballs out, you’re gripping the wheel tighter than you’d like…and you’re just sitting in line, waiting to be given the green flag. Then you realize: this is not at all like playing a videogame.

My first session on the track was spent following a pro driving a race-prepped Porsche 911 GT3. We got up to pretty significant velocities, but nothing beyond what I felt comfortable with. My next session, however, was totally different. Randy Pobst, a professional race car driver, offered to take me out on the track in my own car and “show me the line”. I jumped at the chance to have an expert teach me the ropes.

And then we were off.

For those of you old enough to remember what an “‘E’-ticket ride” was, this was about a dozen of those. I have never in my life experienced such mind-numbing terror and ridiclous amounts of fun as I did while Randy was calmly talking to me about high-speed technique at 130+ mph. Sure enough my next session was very different, as I was able to drive the car much more “on the edge” after I was shown how to do so properly and without having to explain to my insurance agent the difference between a race and a “performance driving school”.

I learned much more than how to drive around a racetrack. I learned, once again, that experts are not born, they are made. I have grown up around cars, and have driven many powerful ones over the years. I know what to do and what not to. I thought. Then you meet someone who knows so much more, and you feel like a 15-year old again, trying to figure out how to work a clutch, a gas pedal, and brakes with any sort of fluidity..

So many times we feel like there is nothing more God can teach us. We’ve heard all the stories, know all the songs, have memorized all the verses. We feel that we have spiritually arrived.

Then you spend some time with Jesus. The Master. The only One who has arrived. And you realize: I know so little. I am so unworthy.

And then Jesus gives you an invitation that is almost too good to believe: “Abide in me, and I in you” (John 15:4).

Don’t feel bad that you don’t know everything. Don’t feel bad that you haven’t arrived. None of us have. And Jesus knows it. And He still loves us, and offers us the chance to grow with and through Him, if we will just trust Him enough to toss Him the keys and go along, learning from His instruction.

Have you taken advantage of the Expert’s offer?


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