God Speaks on Mondays, Too

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Sundays are always fun and exciting for me. I look forward to getting together to worship, hear what God is doing in people’s lives, and dig into His Word.

Mondays? Well, they’re often… Mondays. I’m still tired from Sunday usually, physically and mentally, and it can take a little bit to get going. I usually try to make hospital visits on Monday, so I was doing just that when I got a text from the office. I had sent out a letter last week to people who hadn’t been to Sunday School for a while, just to let the know they weren’t forgotten, and to let them know I was available if I could do something for them. The text from the office said that someone had called and wanted to tell me why they hadn’t been to Sunday School.

Unsure of what was on the person’s mind I called as soon as I got the message. The person answered, and was immediately concerned that I was talking while driving. I assured them that I was on the speakerphone but would stop if I needed to, and that relieved them. The person then indicated that they recieved my letter and wanted me to know why they hadn’t been there for a while.

To be honest, at this point, I’m thinking that this might not be a fun conversation. What if someone had done something to offend this person, to cause them to stumble? What if was something I had done?

The person begins to share their story: illness had kept them away for a considerable amount of time, and it was simply too difficult for them to come. Their Sunday School class stayed in touch with them, though, and they watched our service on tv every Sunday morning. They had not received a letter from the pastor before, though, and they really appreciated the one I sent last week. I pulled over and prayed with them over the phone, then ended the call.

I’ve been thinking about that ever since. Here’s someone that wants so badly to be able to experience fellowship and corporate worship, and yet they can’t. I have the privilege to worship and then complain about being tired.

Today, I am so thankful that God let me be tired.

I am so thankful that He has blessed me the way He has.

I am so thankful He is always at work around me, and you, even when we are tired. Or sick. Or shut-in.

Even on Monday.


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