Trying To Figure It Out?

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Every Thursday I teach a Bible study at Benson Chrysler Dodge Jeep here in Greer, and I’ve been teaching through the Gospel according to John. I have highlighted a recurring theme that is so obvious now that I just marvel and it’s power and simplicity, and yet wonder how we so often miss it; stop trying to figure out spiritual truth with physical understanding.

No brainer, right?

So why did Nicodemus have such a hard time understanding what Jesus meant when He said, “You must be born from above?” What about the Samaritan woman at the well, who couldn’t figure out how Jesus could offer her water that would keep her from ever thirsting again when he had nothing to draw with? What about those who were completely confused when Jesus told his listeners that they had to partake of His body and blood?

He’s told us that His ways aren’t our ways, so why then do we try to understand Him according to our limited view? Only the Holy Spirit, instructing us through the Scriptures, can give us what we need to figure it out the right way. Trying to do otherwise is like attempting analytic geometry before you know basic arithmetic.


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