Gators in South Carolina!

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Warning! Gators have invaded the upstate of South Carolina! If you are travelling on I-85, watch out for these hurtling behemoths as they attempt to take a bite out of your vehicle! I know…it happened to me. On Monday one of these black floppy monsters ate the front air dam, a/c compressor, bumper support, rear valance, and other plastic parts of my car. It leapt up from the roadway, sensing a meal. Unfortunately for it, the Batmobile was too tough and put an end to it’s reign of terror.

Seriously, it was a reminder of just how fast things can happen. That retread could have just as easily come up over the hood and through my windshield, which would have made for a much worse situation to say the least. I consider myself to be an alert driver, but things come at you fast when you’re moving at highway speed, and those things are carrying some speed of their own. There weas no time to avoid the tire, just time to grit my teeth and ride it out.

Sounds a lot like life, doesn’t it? No matter how prepared we think we are, surprises come our way every day. The only way to truly be prepared is to know that your life is in Christ’s hands. When you are absolutely certain, you can know that no matter what surprises the road of life may hold you will be ready for them.


1 comments on “Gators in South Carolina!”

  1. Marcus,
    Sorry to hear about the Batmobile. If you need any help from BIG RED dealing w/ the Gators, please feel free to ask. I am just around the corner. On a serious note, a real good point you’ve made. May GOD continue to BLESS all. Keep up the good work. L.J.

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