Experiencing God Unit 5 thoughts from Jim

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Here’s some thoughts from my friend, Jim Groth:

God speaks to every Christian.  Whether they are tuned in is another thought.  God is always there.  There is no need to plead with him to be there for us, or to listen. Those thoughts are only self-indulgent.  Also, the thought that he is not listening to me because of my life-style or sins is rooted in pride and disguised as humility.  God has already placed the blame and shame for your sins on Jesus.  So… he is listening.  And more than that, he is more aware of your need than you.  Since this is true,

If God is listening, it is also true he is speaking.  Are we tuned in?  We are in some ways like a radio.  There are lots of things to which we can listen.  In the case of a radio we can tune in to different frequencies to listen to what we want.  Just like a radio we must tune in to God to hear him.  Many think that this is done by living a Godly life.  The better we do the better the reception.  Once again this is a subtle trap of pride.  Listening to God is not about how well we are doing.  The only factor in this is that we think it is involved so we stop be tuned in thinking he is not speaking to us now, not after what we did.  We kind of treat God like a spouse. 

The only way to actually hear God speak to us is through faith.  Faith is the tuning mechanism we use to hear God.  Faith in the finished work of Christ must be present to root out any other consideration from getting in the way.  If we truly believe we stand righteous before God despite our past, current and future behaviors then we are prepared to hear him.

Similarly, we will not hear him speak to us unless we believe he will and is doing so.  If we think it is not him when we hear thoughts in our minds then of course we will refute that it is God and think it is just a thought of mine.  God speaks.  God is speaking.  His means is to come to us both audibly, in spirit, and coaxing in our thoughts.  To believe he does and is doing so is the means of listening.  It is all about faith.


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