Is your flesh failing?

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A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page today: “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26).

So, how’s your flesh and your heart today?

It seems like every day I am confronted with someone else who has run into a brick wall–their marriage is crumbling, their finances are evaporating, their job is on thin ice, they can’t find a job at all. It is very easy for us to be crushed by the weight of the world, isn’t it? To feel like we just can’t take any more? Well, maybe we can’t, but God can. When we make our circumstances more of a priority than our relationship with Him, we have just shown that we don’t trust Him. If we truly trust Him, then He is our strength and portion, and our circumstances cannot shake Him in the slightest. If He cannot be shaken, and He is our strength, then our strength is not shaken.

Trusting in the flesh gets us into trouble every time. When we figure that out and begin trusting Him with every single element of our lives, then we will find His strength truly is sufficient.

Thanks for praying for Emma, too. Just waiting on the results to come back, but we’re confident God’s going to take care of it. After all, He is our strength.


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