My, How Time Flies…

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See, I knew this would happen. I would start this blog, a few people would start reading it, and then…I would stop. Now, don’t get me wrong–I didn’t stop because I wanted too, it was just…well, I just got really busy. Trips to Charleston and MUSC for Emma’s doctor appointments, trip to Florida for the Southern Baptist Convention, helping out with the youth this summer as we were searching for a new youth pastor (whom we have now found, an amazing guy named Steven Ragan), then my back went out because my L4, L5, and S1 are lousy. Anyway, I’ve just been really busy, but I promise I’ll get back to blogging.

Doesn’t this sound like what we do with God?

“I haven’t been to church/read the Bible/prayed much lately, but I’ve been really busy.”

You know, the hardest things about getting back to the blog is just doing it. Same with all of the other stuff.

I’m going to be getting an epidural steroid shot this Friday. I’m not usually one who looks forward to getting stuck by sharp metal objects, but with the pain I’ve been having with my back for months now, I’m willling to give it a go. I had actually started running again, trying to lose some of the the 25 or so pounds that have decided to take up residence on me, when my back decided to call it quits. If this shot works, I’m going to get back to the exercise routine. Just like my blogging. Just like you’re going to go to church/read the Bible/pray more.

Hopefully, months won’t pass before any and all of the above take place.


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