So, what do you want to read about?


I want this blog to be informative as well as entertaining, so feedback from the audience would be welcomed and helpful. Would you like book reviews? Thoughts about news and world events? Heads up on video games your kids may be playing? General fun stuff to go along with weightier theological matters? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to become “your only destination on the Web” or anything, but I do want this to be something you look forward to checking out because it entertains you, but also because you get useful stuff from it. What do you think?


4 comments on “So, what do you want to read about?”

  1. Paster
    I would like to read some of your thoughts about what my role is as a father and what tools do I need so I can teach Morgan. I would like to know more about how to guide her in her walk with Christ. She looks to me for leadership and I want to make sure I am doing what she needs. It is like you said it is on us if we hear but dont recieve but it is on you if we are decived. I want to make sure I am not decieving Morgan.
    Thank you for your time

  2. Paster
    Thanks you for looking it into this topic for me. I really am worried about the state of the home in America. I have had this on my mind for a few months now. I am very glad you feel better. I hope you will be back smoking tread on the 1/8 soon.
    Thnak you for your time

  3. I would like to read more about being a Christian and doing what I am supposed to do as a Christian. I want to grow as a Christian and not be “stagnant”. I believe that Jesus died for my sins, I go to Church, I pray and read my Bible, I help others in need, I witness to others and I have guided my 13-year-old son to Christ. Am I doing enough? What do I need to do to continue to grow?

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