Are You A Threat to Satan?


Leon Campbell served in the European theater in World War II. You have heard of Gen. MacArthur, Gen. Patton, and Gen. Eisenhower, but you probably never heard of Leon Campbell. It’s not because he wasn’t in the war, it’s simply because he wasn’t at the level of leadership in the war to attract Germany’s attention personally. In spiritual warfare, however, it was a very different story: by all accounts, Mr. Campbell was a General in God’s army.

Yesterday I attended one of the sweetest, yet most powerful funerals I have ever seen. Eric Wall, my administrator, worship leader, and friend lost his grandfather last week. I say lost him, but that’s not really accurate–Leon Campbell was a great man of God who loved the Lord and lived it out every day of his life, and now he walks the streets of gold in heaven.

Eric’s father, Rick, preached the main message at the funeral, and what a message it was. Rick quoted from a devitional he had read, entitled “Are You a Threat to Satan?” As he outlined Mr. Campbell’s life, it was clear that he was indeed a threat to Satan and his plans–he loved the Lord, he was a prayer wrrior, and he shared the Gospel with all he came across.

I haven’t been able to get that phrase out of my head since I heard it yesterday, and it has made me think–am I a threat to Satan? Do I serve the Lord with enough faithfulness to merit being targeted by the enemy? Basic military doctrine teaches that if you take out your enemies’ leaders and front-line fighters, you have crippled that enemy, so it is only logical that Satan saves his harshest attacks for those who are on the frontlines for the Kingdom. How about you? Are you on the frontlines, or are you far enough in the back that Satan barely knows your name? Are you a general, a private, or a draft-dodger?


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