10/10/10 = Jackpot?

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So today is one of those days that makes for great human interest stories in the media, and apparently a great day to get married. A friend of mine in the photography business was telling me that all kinds of people were booking weddings on October 10, 2010, because it was looked upon as a lucky day.


I place about as much stock in that as I do Fridays that fall on the 13th. A day is a day. What makes it special is what you make of it. Now, that’s not to say that I’m knocking people getting married, or going through with some other significant event, on 10/10/10, so don’t say I’m being a Grinch about it–after all, it’d make it hard to forget your anniversary, wouldn’t it? What I am saying is that there is nothing about the calendar’s numbering that is going to make a day any better, or worse, than any other, unless it signifies some wonderful or tragic event of the past. Pearl Harbor, the Oklahoma City bombings, and of course 9/11–these dates hold great significance because of events that happened that day. The events made the date, not the other way around. Lea Ann’s and my wedding anniversary isn’t great because it’s June 29; June 29 is great because it’s our wedding anniversary.

So make 10/10/10 something special in your life, and in someone else’s. Don’t wait for a “lucky day” to bring something to you, bring something to it. Reach out in a significant way to someone you know is hurting. Go out of your way to tell your loved ones how amazing they are and how blessed you are to have them in your life. Tell someone how amazing God is and how incredible the forgiveness that came through the cross of Christ and His resurrection is. If God gives you 10/10/10, make the most of it.

Then do the same thing on 10/11. And 10/12. And 10/13. And so on.

Every day is a gift from the God who loves you more than you will ever now. If you’re walking with and for Christ, every day is a jackpot.


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