Judgement House is Coming…

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I warned everyone this past Sunday that this would be a rough week. Riverside Baptist Church is putting on “Judgement House” this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a dramatic presentation that leads people through various rooms as a story is told about people, the decisions they make, and where they wind up as a result. Over the course of the 3 days we did JH the last two years, over 100 people gave their lives to Christ each weekend. That kind of evangelism is bound to get the enemy’s attention, so I always warn our folks to be prepared for spiritual warfare.

The toll so far this week? Well, in the case of one person who is relatively new in their walk with and for Christ, his willingness to be involved in JH is opening his eyes in more ways than one. Not only does he play a major character, but he has also been helping with set construction. Every one of his professional-grade power tools that he used to work on JH died. Bad enough, but this morning he was involved in an accident on I-385. Just a fender bender, fortunately, but an attention-getter nonetheless. He was able to laugh it off, saying he sure would be glad when this week was over! At least he understands the nature of what’s happening. Many people would say, “I do all this for God, and look what happens! Forget this!”, throw their hands up and walk away. His faith is actually coming out stronger through the difficulties because he understands the nature of those difficulties and how it relates to his obedience to what God has called him to. 

All that to say this: pray for the people involved in Judgement House. Pray for those who will come and see it. In Jeremiah 33:3, God told that prophet: “Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know”. God does the same for us, if we will only ask. Pray that God shows you the true nature of what’s going on around you, and pray that others will have the same kind of vision.


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