Music by Ferrari


As I have promised, not everything I post will be serious. Somethings are just for fun, and heaven knows we all need a little fun injected now and then, and I will be doing more fun stuff on the blog. More stuff = more updates for you!

This is only for car people. If you are not a car person, this video will be 4 minutes of your life you will never get back. I repeat, this is only for car people. You have been warned.

If you are a car person, this is sweet, sweet music. Ferraris make such beautiful sounds. Nothing, absolutely nothing sounds like a Ferrari. Click to hear:

Isn’t it a little sad when the engine is switched off at the end?


2 comments on “Music by Ferrari”

  1. 2:12, GOTTA LOVE that smell of hot burning breaks, NOT! those things need some better air ducting, he’s on a straight away, he shouldn’t have red hot brakes from a straight line accelerating, and yes this sound is just pure amazingness!

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