Ah, Parenthood

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A big chunk of my week has been occupied by one of the real  joys and one of the great realities of parenthood. This week I had the joy of taking care of a couple of sick kids. No problem, I said. I can do most of the things I need to do at home from my computer, and if anyone needs me they can call me. So I played Doctor Dad during the day, and Lea Ann’s shift began when she came home from the doctor’s office she works at (since she has worked in the medical profession for nearly 15 years, I figure she’s more qualified than I, but I do what I can). I refer to this as one of the great joys of parenting, although its often not so much, because its a time when your children need you and you get to take care of them and tell them its going to be okay–they should feel better tomorrow. The snuggle up to you, and tell you it feels better when you hold them, so you do. Ah, parenthood.

Then comes the great reality–if the kids get it, the parents get it. Ugh. Then the kids go merrily on their way and leave you to suffer in anguish while you and your equally (or worse) sick spouse try to find a dark, quiet spot and just survive until the virus or whatever it is passes, but still make sure the kids’ homework is done, projects are completed, baths are taken, and dietary intakes consists of more than Oreos and Hawaiian Punch. Ah, parenthood.

I’m just glad to know that my Heavenly Father doesn’t ever catch what I get. I’m glad that even though He is completely immune to all the things that get a hold of me, He understands each one. That applies not only to physical illness. It means that when I am spiritually at the end of my rope, He is there to give me what I need to hang on. If I let go, He is there to catch me. When I feel like life isn’t fair, He reminds me that He is. When I think I’m all alone and no one understands, He reminds me that He will never leave me or forsake me.

We’re starting to all feel better around the Buckley household, so hopefully by tomorrow we’ll be back to normal–whatever that means. But this week has just got me thinking about the fact that I’m glad God isn’t shaken by the things that shake me. And because He is immune to the things that affect us, He can take care of us without a problem. And that’s good, because it’s especially during those times that I just need Him to hold me. That makes it all better.


1 comments on “Ah, Parenthood”

  1. Enjoyed your post. I have learned that having your child grown does not qualify you for immunity, which seems unfair. If it is not my child, grandchildren, or neighbors children then shopping carts, and all public places. Such is life..

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