SEMA = awesome cars

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Time for the obligatory fun post. For those of you who love cars, here’s a few choice rides from the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) show in Vegas this week. For those who don’t know, SEMA is an annual convention/show where manufacturers of aftermarket goodies for vehicles show off their newest stuff. The auto manufacturers themselves bring out some neat toys, too. Here’s a few pics of my faves.

A good friend of mine,Ralph Bruner, had to sell his like new 1996 triple black Corvette convertible a few months ago for health reasons. It was a 6-speed, and it was just getting too hard to shift. This one, I think, would be worth the effort. Tell Miss Joyce I said it was okay.

 The Z06X Track Concept. Awesome.

Here’s the Camaro version, the SSX:

For you Ford fans, here’s a couple. Check out this 1969 Mustang with a widebody coversion. The eye-bursting paint scheme is due to the fact that this car is featured in the new Need For Speed videogame. It is equipped with the new Boss 302 motor–440 horsepower. Check out the velocity stacks on the top of the motor. Wow. My Challenger would really be happy with a set of those. Killer.

They even trick out police cars for SEMA. Here’s the new twin turbo Taurus Police Interceptor. I really dig this:

And for fans of the 1966 Batmobile from the tv series, here’ a bicycle built by the same customizer, George Barris. I need a new bike, anyway. Exercise is good for me!


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