Trouble in the Classroom Starts at Home

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Here’s a good article that addresses a common statement of mine–parents allow their kids to rule the roost far too often in our culture, and that breeds problems systemically. A couple of paragraphs to give you a taste:

“Label respectful and disrespectful behavior for your child. Eye-rolling, heavy sighs, and body language should not be tolerated at home. Insist that your child listen to others’ viewpoints, and express his or her own views, with a thoughtful demeanor. Because the pop culture models sneering sarcasm and disrespect as the norm, it’s easy for our children to assume that the norm is acceptable.

The earlier you teach a child the right way to behave, the more likely they are to live that way throughout their lives.

Children’s TV shows and videos feature wisecracking adolescents whose one-liners and sarcastic comebacks dominate any conversation with adults. It seems the child always gets the last word.

That was called ‘backtalk’ when I grew up. ”

Click here to read the whole article:


1 comments on “Trouble in the Classroom Starts at Home”

  1. Many years ago I took a three month long weekly class at my church called ‘Growing Kids Gods Way’. It was AMAZING and the results were as advertised. I highly recommend the course, it taught me everything I needed to know about how to parent successfully and establish Gods order in my home.

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