Like vs. Love addendum–Jim Groth

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Jim Groth sent me a note about the “like vs. love” post that I neglected to add. Somehow I didn’t cut and paste quite enough, apprently. Anyhow, here’s a few thoughts from Jim:

“The Biblical agapao is to what we are called.  Although the other Greek concepts of love may be present depending on who, what and where, they are not necessarily so.  Agapao, as I see it, is more an act of the will while the others are the result of emotions.  We may not be able to connect with others–especially our enemies–emotionally, but we must express agapao love nevertheless.  We do this by an act of will.  We pray for them, and if possible and necessary we help them.  Not because of a fondness toward them but because of our love for God knowing He expresses His love through us.  It is easy to love (agapao) those for whom we like and feel fondness toward, but not so easy toward those who hate us and call us enemies.  This difficulty is becasue the other forms of love are not and cannot be present because they are based on emotions.  The Bible calls us to live beyond our emotions not letting them control the will.”


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