Prayer Request for Haiti

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I received this email from Dr. Jay Johnston, Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church of Covington, LA, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Alumni VP. Lift the people of Haiti, as well as this team of Christian workers,  up in prayer.

NOTE: Our team asks you to join us in asking the Lord to open the airport in Port-Au-Prince and for American Airlines to fly and that our flights would be on time and bring us home safely and on time. We are safe in the midst of the Post Presidential Election Protest in Haiti.

 Port-Au-Prince, Haiti December 8, 2010

The morning came quickly after being out late with the WDSU News Team following the announcement of the Presidential election on Tuesday evening. As I stepped out on the front porch of the Florida House I experienced one of the loudest sounds of all and that is the sound of silence. It was so quiet and the normal sounds you hear around the house were strangely missing. You did not hear the chatter of the Haitians coming to the house to work as drivers, interpreters or security personnel. You did not hear the vehicles running up and down the street. You did not hear the chatter of children heading off to school. It was silent. This sound of silence reminded me of a contrast from when I was here in February and the morning following an earthquake the streets were filled with people singing praises unto the Lord compared to following a night of protest after the Presidential election results were shared with the people of Haiti. The silence continued on for the next few hours as we begin hearing that all stores, business, etc were going to be closed and yes even the airports of Haiti would be closed for a day or two.

We were to travel to Nippes today to deliver some medical equipment but that was cancelled because of the protest in the streets. Our team visited with an International team staying in the same location and as mid-morning approached our team had enough sitting so we gathered our Interpreter, Driver and Security and took to the streets. We were not gone from the house more than five minutes when we hit a major street that was flooded with thousands of protesters. The protesters were burning items along with destroying posters of the 2nd runner up in the election. The 2nd runner up is in a run off and he is also the son in law of the current President. The people have come to know they cannot trust the President so they believe they cannot trust a relative. We witnessed them tearing down and burning large billboards and anything else that was related to him. In fact, as we were driving around we came upon this candidate’s headquarters, which were torched by opponents.

 We spent some time around the Palace just picking up on the atmosphere when I was approached by one man who begin asking me a series of questions. His primary need seem to be that he wanted to know whom I was for in the election. Since I am not a voter and do not know enough about the candidates I turned the conversation to Jesus. I soon realized a growing number of people begin crowding around and within minutes many people were around and the conversation led from simply one to many gathered around as I preached the story of Jesus Christ.

We then headed back to the house so the News Team could get their stories into the station. They are having some trouble getting the video out so join us in praying that it will go to their station in a timely way. You can go to to see the stories of Haiti.

I heard one young man say to the news reporter that is travelling with us is that we are stuck in Haiti because we cannot trust anyone and therefore we have no hope. The faces of the protesters who were predominantly men were wearing faces of desperation and no hope. I think the people of Haiti have been misled to put their trust and hope in government leaders. It is a reminder that if we do not trust The One Who is Jesus Christ we have no hope.
We have marveled at the hand of God and how He has been at work this week. I am grateful that God is alive and at work in my life and the life of our team.
Please continue to pray that the people of Haiti when hear the message of Jesus Christ and turn to Him.
With a Grateful Heart,
Jay Johnston


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