Yesterday’s Prayer Request? Answered.

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Just received this email regarding yesterday’s prayer request for the workers stuck in Haiti. Keep praying, because there is still a huge need for the people of Haiti:

Answered Prayer Report From National Alumni Vice President, Dr. Jay Johnston

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti December 9, 2010
On Thursday when I sent my Haiti Diary out I included a request to ask God to provide a way out of Haiti. My specific request was that the Haiti airport would open up and that we would fly out and arrive home on time. I begin receiving notes from people that they would join us in prayer.

I received an email from the airline around noon today (Thursday) confirming that our flight would be cancelled and they would rebook. I then received an email that they were unable to rebook and would I call the airline. I did call the airline and they rebooked the flight for Sunday. During the next hour I heard from different sources that the airport could remain closed for additional days. I asked the Lord to show me what His plans were for us and He began unwrapping them one step at a time.

The Lord brought a friend to mind and I sent a text to him. He called and asked some specific questions and within five minutes I heard from my friend’s contact that had a way to get us out and wanted to know if he could move on it. I told him I needed to confirm with the airline and while I was working to confirm with the airline I received a call from a friend of the guy who called me wanting to know our location because he wanted to confirm we were okay. He also told me that he was going to Santo Domingo in the morning (Friday) and that he could take our team to Haiti.

What a blessing for the Lord to answer the prayers of His people. I praise God and give thanks for people praying with and for us. We leave for Santo Domingo at 5:00 am (Friday) and it should take between six to eight hours for us to get into Santo Domingo, DR. We are scheduled to depart on Saturday and arrive in NOLA before noon.

Please continue to pray for our safety and for God’s favor as we go across the border from Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

Prior to all of the airline work we had left where we are staying in Haiti and drove to a faith-based hospital to deliver additional supplies and to visit with some of the patients. The drive to the hospital was surreal. The tap taps of gun fire combined with the majority of vehicles still not running (the streets were clear of vehicles) but the streets are filled with barricades set up by the protestors. We drove by a lot of people just standing outside their homes watching the streets as many people walked by and a few drove by them. It was like the calm before the storm.
The hospital now has overcrowded conditions. People have come in and do not want to leave because of the protesting taking place in the city of Port-au-Prince. This hospital also receives Cholera patients and had received one patient during the night. We thank God that the patient is doing okay and will survive this illness.

The time at the hospital was sweet as we visited with the Administrator and Deputy Administrator and some staff. They showed us where they are storing medical supplies, talked about some future expansion, and we saw some of the patients.

We left the hospital and took off to see the pastor of the Bethany Church where we had a team clear rubble and build a frame and a roof for the church in May 2010. The church still needs walls and hopefully that can be done in the days ahead.
We then left the church and were headed to another location to do some street witnessing. The news team was going to interview people when the news crew received a call that some of the NBC personnel were here and could help them send video back to WDSU in NOLA. So, our plans changed and we went to where the NBC team was located for our news crew to upload video. The team went to meet the NBC personnel and I stood by our vehicle and called my wife Jerilyn to tell her about our flight situation. While on the phone she shared with me that a good preacher friend’s wife passed away last night.
I then went on up to where our crew was with the NBC crew. The first person I saw was Ann Curry, WOW! She and the NBC crew had just come from the mountains of a remote village where they were doing a Dateline special on Cholera. I want to tell you that this crew is special and it was a joy to be around them for several hours as they interacted with each other. The Dateline special will be in January. While I did not get to personally share the Gospel one on one with each one I and our team were able to testify about the things of God as they asked questions about our involvement in Haiti and me being a Baptist Preacher and doing mission work in Haiti.
I continue to be amazed at the Christians in Haiti. They have a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and they are not afraid of sharing the story of Jesus. I encourage you to continue praying for the Haitian people that those without Jesus will respond to Him and that these people will be a catalyst for seeing a world wide revival.
In the meantime thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share this with you. May the Lord Jesus bless you and your family and may Jesus be the center of your discussions during this Christmas Season.

With a Grateful Heart,
Jay Johnston
207 Rue Mon Jardin
Madisonville, LA 70447

Office Contact Information:
Jay Johnston, D.Min.
Associate Pastor
FBC Covington
16333 Highway 1085
Covington, LA 70433


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