Prayer Request–Lift Elise Up In Your Prayers Today

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I wanted to post this up so every believer who reads this could stand in the gap for this young lady and her family. This is from Steve Eoute, teacher and head football coach at Riverside High School. He is a strong, committed believer and a good friend. I’m going to post up the note he sent out this morning–it speaks for itself.

Dear Friends,
I would like to ask for your prayers for my oldest daughter Elise.  She is
24 years old and this fall she was diagnosed with Takayasu disease. This  is
a rare disease (800 in the U.S.) that causes an inflammation and thickening
of the aorta walls which reduces or blocks blood flow to parts of the
body. At  this time, we know of three blockages; one in her left arm, one to her
kidneys,  and one to her stomach. She is also experiencing dangerously high
blood  pressure. The medications she is taking have some rough side
effects, including  severe swelling. He is able to carry on her normal routine and
her spirits are  good. She has an appointment with the Cleveland Clinic in
February and we need  wisdom even in taking the trip. As a father, I want it
to be me and not her  going through this and I choose not to talk about it
as I get a little  emotional.  I am a man of deep faith and would ask for
your prayers for  Elise and our family at this time.
Thank you and have a blessed  day,

Steve Eoute
Social Studies Teacher
Head Football  Coach
Riverside High School


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