Be Praying For Blog Contributor Jim Groth

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Jim, who also team teaches “Living in Freedom” with me on Sunday nights, has had a rough time lately with his foot. Keep him in your prayers, if you would. Here’s Jim in his own words:

On January 21 I noticed a slight pain in my right foot about 8:00PM.  By Saturday it had become worse with far more pain and some swelling.  On Sunday morning we went to the ER as I could not stand on the foot.  They diagnosed it as gout, since the uric acid level was a little high.  They gave me a shot of demerol and sent me on my way. 

However, this was just the beginning of how bad this would get.  On Thursday (27th) I went to the doctor and she gave me prescriptions for pain, for treating gout and took her own blood test.  On Monday (31th) I returned to the doctor and she gave me an anti-biotic injection and a prescription.  The results turned out negative for gout and she was very suspicious of a blood clot or an infection. I had an ultrasound done on Tuesday (Feb. 1) and discovered it was not a blood clot.   I returned to the doctor on Wednesday (Feb. 2) and she was quite puzzled because not much progress if any had occurred and conferred with another staff person there and determined it was slightly better.  My next appointment is tomorrow (7th).  I am very uncertain about when all this will end and I can get back to normal.  I suppose this may the most difficult part.  I am thankful that this is not life-threatening, but also very distressed that it hurts so much.  It never lets up.  It is better sitting down foot elevated, but as soon as I stand up, oh my…  Karen has been great anticipating almost every need I have, even while suffering with a fever, then a cold or sinus infection of her own.  Pray for her as well.

This brings me to the personal part of all of this.  I miss the Sunday evening class so much and was looking forward to it (perhaps too much).  I also miss my Sunday morning class with the senior men, which has been a wonderful experience and also the Wednesday night classes about Revelation.  Sunday morning worship also is something I have missed very much.  Needless to say I am very disappointed and sort of “in the dumps”.  I certainly trust God when he says that all things work out for our own good.  I pray that this strengthens me spiritually and that it will soon be over as it is preventing me from doing the things I felt God had called me to do.  The main thing to keep in mind is that God has a plan for each of us and it doesn’t go as we often like or anticipate.  Whatever happens, it is always my belief that it is all for the glory of God and our own good.

Pain and suffering always take a toll on us.  However, for Christians, we know that everything about this life has as its goal our glorification, not just in heaven, but more importantly, in the world to come when we will live with immortal bodies truly without sin and pain.  In this, God Himself is glorified at the completion of his plan for each of us.

Every step we take in pain, any emotional suffering we endure, every heartache we have, any surgery we undergo, any difficulty we have, He is there with us enduring and encouraging if will just look beyond the deception of evil and see His truth.  Life is not about just the present, but the future to come.



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