If You Saw The Quote from Me On Yahoo.com, Read This

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I was asked by the local FOX affiliate here in the Upstate to comment on the controversy with people replacing Denver Bronco’s quarterback Tim Tebow’s name on their fan jerseys with “Jesus”. The question was asked whether or not I thought it was blasphemous. My original comment to FOX was that it depends on the perspective of the wearer. If they mean it to say that Tebow wants others to see Jesus and not him, then that is a very Christian concept. the goal of every believer should be that we are not seen in our imperfection but Christ thtough us. If it is meant in a way that is meant to mock Tebow’s faith in Christ–even in a good natured way–then it is entirely inappropriate. Either way, Tim tebow shouldn’t be getting heat for what fans are putting on jerseys, but he is. The reason why? He’s a vocal born-again Christian, which means the media can say what they want to about him and it’s fair game.

Here is a response to a comment elsewhere on this blog. I thought I’d post it here just to make it easier to find.

My complete thought was not fully expressed by what was placed in the article
on Yahoo.com. The original interview was done by a local FOX affiliate here in
the Upstate. I do not know Tim Tebow personally, but I do know that he has gone
to great lengths to proclaim his faith in Christ as the most important thing in
his life. As far as I know, he is not behind the jerseys with Jesus’ name and
Tebow’s number. He likely does not approve, and I wouldn’t either. The last
thing any human should want is to be put on equal standing with the eternal
living Word. What I said is that the impetus is not on Tebow, but on those
wearing the jerseys. If they mean it in a way to glorify Christ and state that
Tebow wants others to see Jesus and not him, then that’s one thing. If they are
doing it in either a mocking way referring to Tebow as “Jesus”, then clearly
that is blasphemous. My central point is that Tebow is taking heat for something
he likely has nothing to do with, and the media has a blank check to do so
because of his bold stand for Christ.


As I said above, the original interview with me was done by a local Fox
affiliate. The author of the Yahoo.com article apparently just took a loose
wording of an excerpt of my comments to prove his point. He didn’t even get my
city right, placing me in Greer, Colorado rather than Greer, South Carolina. My
email information was sent to him with an offer to get an accurate statement,
but I likely won’t hear back. I read a few of the comments which basicaly
validated my thesis, with one particularly sweet poster labeling me a “cult
leader”–now that’s a good one. The mainstream media prefers that “cult leaders”
like me be marginalized and mocked. This does not surprise or distress me in the
least, as it is exactly what Jesus said would happen. They hated Him to the
point of killing Him; why should we as followers of Christ expect anything
different? So let them think what they want and say what they say. I pray guys
like Tebow continue to stand up for what’s right and not what’s popular. And I
have absolutley no expectation of the media to get anything right about Biblical
Christianity or those who stand for it.


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