Radio Today, Radio Tomorrow, and Props to Jennifer Phillips at FOXCarolina

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I was on Tony Beam’s “Christian Worldview Today” here in Greenville this morning about the Tebow jersey drama. He read the article, saw my name, and said, “Hey, I know that guy!” (Tony and I are good friends), so he called me up this morning and asked me to chat for a few about what I said.

A few minutes ago, I received an email from a producer WKRK-FM in Cleveland, OH asking me to be on the morning show tomorrow. So, for those of you in the Cleveland area, tune in about 6:40 a.m. and you’ll get to hear me on “Kiley & Booms”. You can also stream it live at Rock on, Cleveland!

Jennifer Phillips over at FOXCarolina really deserves some credit for the reporting. The quotes from me that are floating around come from the segment I did with her last week. So Jennifer, even if they won’t give you the props, I do. Always a pleasure working with you and the crew from FOX Carolina.


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